Shopping With Chris Hacker: Shopping for Hot Water Bottles With Chris Hacker

Chris Hacker, the chief design officer at Johnson & Johnson, shops for hot water bottles that can come out from under the covers.

Don’t rush into REITs

You’d think that investors would be leery of companies that own and manage commercial real estate. Vacancy rates remain elevated in office buildings and shopping centers. Except for apartment buildings, rents really haven’t grown at all in four years. And given the possibility that the global economy may retrench yet again, things could still get worse before they get better.

Shopping for Delftware

Old or new, the traditional blue-and-white pottery can be an excellent value—and fun to hunt down.

Shopping With Dale Talde: Dale Talde Shops for Tureens — Shopping With

The chef Dale Talde finds tureens that are not just for lobster bisque.

Shopping With Arthur Phillips: Writing Desks — Shopping With Arthur Phillips

Arthur Phillips, a novelist, seeks a desk suited for longhand and a computer.