New York Real Estate Question & Answer

Taking responsibility for a roof leak; a bank loan for capital repairs; lender says no to co-op sublet; next time, don’t forget the key.

In the Region | New Jersey: New Jersey/In the Region – Feeding the Rental Appetite

In Hudson County, developers are working on several projects that would add thousands of units in waterfront communities like Hoboken, Jersey City and Weehawken.

Square Feet: Tenants Gaining Advantage in Market for Manhattan’s Prime Buildings

The pendulum has swung from landlords to tenants, who are now being offered incentives like prebuilt office space to fill empty spaces and short-term lease renewals.

Along With the Larstrand, Pricey Rentals Rise on the Upper West Side

The Larstrand is expected to be completed by the end of next year, joining two other high-priced luxury rentals in the neighborhood.

New York Real Estate Question & Answer

Does the landlord do windows; taking responsibility for bedbug control; condo amenities rented out to others.