The Appraisal: Mormon Church’s Plans for Land Upset Harlem

Church officials are selling a former church building and garden to a developer, rejecting congregants’ plans to preserve the site for community use.

Set Designer’s Harlem Hamlet

This 1,700-square-foot, two-floor apartment in Harlem was renovated by two Broadway set designers to reflect their love of theater, history and family.

What’s the Deal

The Harlem building housing the storied National Black Theatre has been taken over by its debt holder in a deed-in-lieu-of-foreclosure transaction.

Square Feet: Rezoning Changes Character of Frederick Douglass Blvd. in Harlem

New businesses and apartment buildings opened along and near Frederick Douglass Boulevard from 110th Street to 125th Street as a community struggles with a still-recovering economy.

Harlem, Back After a Snort Nap

Sales seem to be rebounding in Harlem. Prices are rising, and inventory has fallen.