The Appraisal: In Selling Home, Attaching Fame to Find Fortune

A frenetic little industry has taken root in New York City based on finding and publicizing the once-and-future homes of just about anyone with name recognition.

City Council Limits Size of Banks on Upper West Side

The new rules limit the widths of new storefronts on Broadway and Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues to 40 feet, and 25 feet for banks.

New York City Board Is Jeered as It Approves Rent Increases

The higher costs on rent-stabilized apartments in New York City, which will be finalized after public hearings in June, were comparable to those voted on last year.

New York Council Is Set to Encourage Greener Buildings With New Zoning Rules

The New York City Council is expected to vote on Monday to update the city’s zoning regulations to make it easier for builders to insulate walls, install solar panels and put gardens on rooftops.

Michael R. Bloomberg Calls for Smoking Policies in Residential Buildings

The bill would require buildings with three or more apartments — whether rental, condominium or cooperative units — to disclose whether smoking was allowed in all indoor and outdoor locations.