Square Feet: In New York, Anxiety Over Billions in Maturing Real Estate Loans

In New York City alone, nearly $70 billion worth of commercial mortgages that were issued as collateral for bonds in 2007 are maturing this year.

Mortgages: Mortgages — Speeding Up Refinances

Borrowers looking to accelerate the refinancing process find some relief from brokers and community banks not involved with HARP.

In Providence, R.I., New Roles for the Arcade and the Superman Building

The Arcade, a three-story Greek Revival shopping mall, will be getting some residential spaces. And the Superman Building is looking for new tenants.

Living In | The Hub, the Bronx: The Hub, the Bronx/Living In – People, Shops and Roads Converge Here

No matter which neighborhood a Bronx resident calls home, most have been to the Hub, one of the the Bronx’s most dynamic commercial centers.

Big Banks Facing Inquiry Over Possible Insurance Fraud

New York State is investigating whether several banks fraudulently steered homeowners into overpriced policies.