New York Real Estate Question & Answer

Taking responsibility for a roof leak; a bank loan for capital repairs; lender says no to co-op sublet; next time, don’t forget the key.

Currents | Q&A: An Online Database of Hazardous Building Materials

An architect and an interior designer have created an online database of hazardous building materials.

Plots & Ploys: Touchdown Before Kickoff

Regardless of whether the New York Giants or the New England Patriots win Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday, a prohibitive favorite has emerged: Indianapolis-area hotels.

New York Real Estate Question & Answer

Who should fix a plumbing problem; conflicting views on sponsor status; owing maintenance after a short sale.

Currents | Q&A: Carleton Varney on Teaching Dorothy Draper’s Design

The interior designer, who is starting the Dorothy Draper School of Decorating, on the ways people can improve the way they live.