The Appraisal: Rent-Controlled Paradise Above a Greenwich Village Theater

Above the Cherry Lane Theater in the West Village are alluring apartments, some rent-controlled and some not, with high ceilings and a genial landlady.

New Darlings of Development

A major ad agency is looking for a huge new office in a space search that’s welcome news for landlords facing high vacancy rates and developers hoping to move forward on new office skyscrapers.

40 Wall Fortunes Rise Again

About 200,000 square feet of space remains unoccupied, but the flurry of deals in the past six months marks the latest chapter in the story of 40 Wall, one of Mr. Trump’s most successful investments.

Club Life

This week’s column looks at homes in Las Vegas, Scottsdale, Ariz., and Boca Raton, Fla., that overlook golf courses.

Economists See Ways to Aid Housing Market

What more can be done to help the housing market? Economists have some ideas for hastening a recovery.